We often get asked by our customers, “what are the best blue light glasses for me,” so we wanted to give some advice on which ones to go for.

In this quick read, we will discuss the differences in the materials we use, as well as the types of lenses we have.

Finding The Best Blue Light Glasses For Me

In order to know what the best blue light glasses are for you, you need to know a few things about how our glasses are made.

This all starts with the frame material and design.

Choosing A Blue Light Frame

We use 3 materials to make the frames for our glasses:

Mazzucchelli Bio Acetate

Swiss TR90 Plastic


Choosing the right frame depends on a few things. In general, TR90 frames are lighter and more flexible than acetate and metal frames.

On the other hand, acetate frames are extremely tough and hard-wearing, more so than the TR90 frames.

For the last consideration, metal frames tend to be more rugged and long-lasting, and are popular for their looks.

Consider which frame’s characteristics you are looking for and choose a frame that suits your lifestyle.

best blue light blocking glasses
prescription blue light lenses

Blue Light Filtering Lenses

Once you know what frame you want, then you can decide which lens you want.

We have a few different kinds of lenses on offer:

Blue light filter lens  – no correction

Blue light filter lens – prescription lens

Blue light transition lens – photochromatic blue light lens

Polarised sun lens – UV polarised lens

The right lens for you will depend on your lifestyle and what you wish to use the glasses for.

Our uncorrected blue light lenses will filter blue light and are designed for non-prescription users.

Our corrected blue light lenses will filter blue light and come in your chosen prescription.

Our blue light transition lenses will adapt to the sun and filter out blue light and sunlight.

With our polarised sun lenses, you get the best polarised optical lenses.

blue light lenses

Our Take

We chose our frames and lenses because we wanted a high-quality pair of specs that would last.

We made sure we got our hands-on the best raw materials we could find to ensure our glasses were up there with the best.

If you want a chunky, retro-style look that is well made, choose an acetate frame.

If you want modern and lightweight, see our TR90 range.

And for lenses, if you are going outdoors a lot then consider getting transition lenses with your acetate frames.