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UK Blue Light Glasses Redefined

Our premium blue light glasses have been designed in the UK to keep your eyes performing at their best, no matter where you are.

Our glasses can come with 2 lens options: normal blue light lenses or our custom blue light transition lenses that adapt to sunlight to become tinted shades.

Now you can block the blue light from screens and natural sunlight with our transition blue light lenses that have been carefully designed to:

  • Block the blue light from screens
  • Adapt to natural sunlight and filter UV rays
  • Automatically adjust to changes in sunlight

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Keep Your Eyes Fresh All Day Long

We have developed a stylish range of high-quality eyewear made from premium materials such as Mazzucchelli acetate and other durable materials.

We produce high-quality eyewear from the finest materials at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Here’s what our custom blue light lenses can do:

  • Reduce the eye strain felt from screens
  • Increase mood, focus and wellbeing
  • Improve sleep by regulating melatonin levels

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The Island Blue Light Collection

Made For Scrollers With Style

Our eyes are subjected to average screen times of 4 hours a day, which can be a lot for our eyes.

Give your eyes the protection they deserve with our custom blue light lenses wrapped in stunning frames.

Reduce eye fatigue, improve focus and regulate your natural sleeping pattern.

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Block Blue Light From Screens

Our special lenses block 95% of high-energy blue light.

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Improve Focus & Attention

Reduce eye fatigue and improve productivity.

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Customised Blue Light Lenses

Clear lenses that filter out light from 380 to 500 nm.

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Promote A Natural Sleep Cycle

Help melatonin production and improve sleep.

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Scroll For Longer With Blue Light Blocking Glasses

We believe in healthy digital habits, which is why we wanted to put the best blue light lenses into the most stylish frames.

Blue light from devices can upset our eyes, our concentration and even our sleep, which is why Island promotes mindful scrolling with protection for your eyes.

Every pair of Island specs are meticulously assembled by hand for the best possible finish.

We then quality check all frames and fit our custom lenses in our dedicated blue light lab here in the UK.

Our mission is to keep people performing at their best in front of screens.

Scroll for longer, keep concentration levels up, and remember to take regular breaks from your phone or computer throughout the day!

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Inspired Eyewear For The 21st Century

Our blue light glasses collection comes in a range of carefully curated styles and colours.

Timeless design paired with outstanding materials makes for some of the best blue light specs money can buy.

We produce high-quality eyewear at an affordable price, using the same materials that the big-ticket eyewear brands use.

With a keen eye for detail, we created our signature range of stylish blue light eyewear that can be worn anywhere.

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