Mazzucchelli Acetate dates all the way back to 1849, with a family business that has passed its knowledge of quality and style down through the generations.

To this day Mazzucchelli Acetate remains a highly sought after material, being used for high quality and sustainable plastic products that demand the best materials.

Here at Island Eyewear, we knew we wanted to use this incredible acetate for the construction of our glasses.

This is the story of Mazzucchelli.

Mazzucchelli Acetate For Blue Light Glasses

Mazzucchelli Acetate has a long history of being used in some of the best designer sunglasses and eyeglasses in the world.

We wanted to bring this luxury material to the Island Eyewear collection with our blue light glasses, but didn’t want to compromise on affordability.

We worked with Mazzucchelli to bring vibrant colours and shades that wouldn’t break the bank, bringing the best acetate in the world to screen users everywhere.

Mazzucchelli frames perfectly paired with blue light lenses to make screen glasses that look great and feel even better.

Creative Expression

The process of making Mazzucchelli’s world-renowned acetate is quite interesting indeed.

Cellulose acetate as it is more commonly know is in fact made from processed tree pulp.

First, the cellulose acetate is spun and mixed with special pigments to create acetate granules.

Unlike most other commercial plastics, cellulose acetate cannot be processed as a thermoplastic material until it is blended with other suitable plasticisers.

Once these granules have been processed they can then be fused together with the other granules to create the incredible patterns and textures that Mazzucchelli is famous for.


mazzucchelli acetate

Acetate Glasses Construction

Once we have the Mazzucchelli Acetate slate in our hands, the fun part begins.

Creating glasses from acetate is a subtractive process, meaning that we start with a rectangular slate then trim away the excess to leave the perfect pair of specs.

This is all done by hand for the best possible finish and quality.

The end result is a frame that is not only incredibly strong, but also completely unique.

This is due to the fact that each slate of acetate will never be the same as another, so every pair of glasses we make is completely individual.

blue light glasses

Transition Lenses

Ever heard of Transition Lenses?

Well, now they have been revamped for the 21st century.

We have created our own custom transition blue light lenses that protect you from both blue light and sunlight.

These clever lenses mean that you get 2 pairs of specs in 1, and let you take your blue blockers into the great outdoors.

Add them to your pair of Mazzucchelli frames from the product page and get the best of both worlds.