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Our Blue Blockers Explained

Learn more about the benefits of screen glasses

With screen time around the world rising rapidly, blue light is a hot topic amongst opticians and researchers.

Many people report headaches, sore eyes and sleep disruption caused by computer screens, especially in the modern workplace.

Blue blockers serve to combat this blue light exposure and reduce the amount our eyes are subjected to.

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Block Blue Light From Screens

Our special lenses block 95% of high-energy blue light.

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Improve Focus & Attention

Reduce eye fatigue and improve productivity.

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Customised Blue Light Lenses

Clear lenses that filter out light from 380 to 500 nm.

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Promote A Natural Sleep Cycle

Help melatonin production and improve sleep.

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The Wonders of Technology

We have grown up immersed in technology, from the phones in our pockets to the screens in the workplace.

These devices give us the ultimate freedom of expression, creativity and exploration, but they come at a cost.

Here at Island Eyewear, we wouldn’t be where we are today without these amazing devices.

But after feeling the effects of 12 hours in front of a screen every day, we knew something was up, so we embarked on a journey.

Blue Light Explained

High energy visible light appears as blue light

Modern technology has given us amazing devices capable of incredible things that we all take for granted.

Unfortunately, this increased screen time has also brought with it increased exposure to blue light.

Extended exposure to blue light can be harmful to our eyes, especially at high brightness levels.

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Blue Light From Devices

On average people spend 3 hours a day on their phone.

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Blue Light Is Everywhere

Artificial blue light is disruptive to our eyes and bodies.

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Screen Time For PC Users

Laptop users average 6 hours of screen time a day.


Protect Your Eyes & Body

Promote better eye health and better sleep.

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Work Harder For Longer

Our goal is to keep you working harder for longer.

Our lenses block blue light from entering your eye, which over time leads to more focus, better eye health and a better night’s sleep.

We have developed eyewear that is built to last, merging timeless style with modern lens technology to create some of the best blue light glasses available today.

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