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Glasses Sizes Explained – Blue Light Archives

Want to choose the perfect fit for your blue light glasses? Lots of people struggle with glasses sizes, but it’s easier than you think to choose the best size. This guide will you help find the right pair of glasses to fit your face, so you can choose spectacles that you won’t even…

Screen Glasses UK Workers Need

With many of us still working from home spending hours hunched over a laptop, it is no wonder than office workers are starting to notice the effects of screen exposure. We take a look at some of the ways people working from home (WFH) can keep their eyes and minds in top shape.

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What Are The Best Blue Light Glasses For Me?

We often get asked by our customers, “what are the best blue light glasses for me,” so we wanted to give some advice on which ones to go for. In this quick read, we will discuss the differences in the materials we use, as well as the types of lenses we have. Finding The Best Blue Light…

Blue Light Glasses - The Story So Far

The awareness of blue light and its effects has only received mainstream attention in more recent years, but blue light has been on the medical radar for a while. This letter in the Harvard Health Publication in 2012 was already eluding to the possible dangers of too much blue light exposure, even…