TR90 plastic, or Grilamid TR-90 as it is also known, is a special polymer that was developed by the Swiss EMS company.

The remarkable properties of TR90 are what attracted optical glasses manufacturers to use them for spectacle frames.

Why Use TR90 For Glasses?

tr90 plastic


TR90 is a great material for glasses due to its valuable characteristics:

  • Very flexible – can bend and distort without losing their original shape
  • Extremely lightweight – no pressure when wearing them on the face
  • Ultra durable – resistant to stains, marks and scratches

On top of this, it can also be made in every colour imaginable with gorgeous patterns.

Modern production methods have brought the cost of producing TR90 glasses down in recent years, making them very cost-effective as well.


Lightweight Glasses Frames

The remarkable weight nature of TR90 is perhaps the most attractive quality of this material.

This allows the user to wear these glasses all day without feeling any pressure on the bridge of their nose or behind their ears.

Our TR90 blue light collection has been designed to feather-light, so the wearer will hardly notice them even after a full day of being worn.


Super Flexible Glasses

The flexibility of TR90 makes them the perfect material for eyeglasses.

TR90 has a unique characteristic in that it can be bent and distorted, and it will always return to its original shape.

This memory effect of TR90 means that the glasses will mould themselves to different face shapes without losing their structure.


TR90 Durability

TR90 is very difficult to break and will survive drops and impacts much more readily than other materials like acetate.

They are one of the more favoured materials for glasses for kids, since they can survive most of the abuse that kids throw at them.

Its rubbery texture means that they will bounce and bend rather than shattering on impact if dropped.


Our TR90 Blue Light Glasses

blue light glasses

First up, our classes TR90 frame, the Cava.

With 3 colourways and subtle styling, these are the perfect blue light glasses if you work at a computer or spend a lot of time scrolling.

The Cava has a medium sized frame with a medium sized face built around an extremely lightweight chassis.





computer glassesOur second frame is the Skye frame, a sophisticated fusion of a TR90 face with stainless steel legs.

These lightweight frames wrap around the face perfectly and sit comfortably on the wearer without being obtrusive.