Want to choose the perfect fit for your blue light glasses?

Lots of people struggle with glasses sizes, but it’s easier than you think to choose the best size.

This guide will you help find the right pair of glasses to fit your face, so you can choose spectacles that you won’t even notice you are wearing.

Choosing The Right Size Of Glasses

Choosing the correct size of glasses can be a bit of a minefield. There are a lot of dimensions and measurements that come with sizing frames, and while these are important numbers to know, they can be a bit confusing.

Let’s walk through an example using our Texa frame. Our Texa frame sports a classic medium-sized frame with round lenses and a keyhole cut nose grip.

texa blue light glasses

Here are the dimensions of the Texa frame in a visual format:


texa size guide

FRAME – 132mm

HEIGHT – 50mm

LENS – 43mm

BRIDGE – 12mm

TEMPLE – 140mm


Glasses Frame Size Measurements

Lots of people want to know what the best glasses frame size is for them, and there are really only 3 important measurements that you should be concerned with:

  • The FRAME – the length of the face of the frame
  • The BRIDGE – the distance between the nose grips
  • The TEMPLE – the length of the arm of the glasses

You can use a ruler and a mirror to get a pretty good idea of whether or not a pair of glasses will fit.

glasses size guide

Measuring Your Glasses Bridge Size

Simply face a mirror and hold a ruler up to the bridge of your nose. This is generally the point of your nose that is in line with the bottom of your eyes.

For most people, the bridge of the nose will measure around 10 cm, but the range is usually somewhere between 8-25cm.

Measuring Your Frame Length

Your frame length is essentially the width of your head not including the ears, so it is a little trickier to measure.

The best way is to put two pencils behind your ears and measure the distance between the two tips of the pencils – just make sure the pencils are parallel with each other.

Most adults will fall into a range of around 130-150cm, and children will generally sit at around 115-130cm.

glasses temple length

Measuring Your Temple Length

The temple distance is tricky to measure, since glasses sit at a point outside of your facial measurements.

The best way is to hold one end of a piece of string behind your ear at the earlobe, and the other end at the edge of your eyebrow.

This will give you an approximate measurement for your temple, and the majority of people will need a temple length of 140cm.


Simplified Glasses Sizes

We provide complete measurements for all our blue light glasses frames on our product pages, but sometimes people just want a simplified explanation.

To achieve this, we sorted our glasses into 3 easy categories:

  • Fits Smaller Faces – frames that have a length of 130cm or less – great for adults with smaller heads as well as kids and teens
  • Fits Most Faces – frames that have a length of around 130-140cm – the most common size of glasses that fits well on the majority of adults
  • Fits Larger Faces – frames that exceed 140cm in length – larger frames for bigger head sizes

eyewear size guide


For most people, our handy 3 piece guide will do them just fine for sizing their glasses.

People generally know roughly which category they fit into, whether it’s smaller faces, most faces or larger faces.

If you already have a pair of specs or sunglasses that fit well, you can break out the measuring tape and use our measurements of the product page to compare which glasses would be best for you.

As always, we are always on hand to answer any questions and help you find the best size of glasses for you.