With many of us still working from home spending hours hunched over a laptop, it is no wonder than office workers are starting to notice the effects of screen exposure. We take a look at some of the ways people working from home (WFH) can keep their eyes and minds in top shape.

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Blue Light Glasses UK Screen-Gazers Need

The humble computer screen has been around for 50 years, going from a niche device to a worldwide phenomenon. There are now over 2 billion computers in the world today, being used for all sorts of purposes, like phones, tablets, laptops and more. The prevalence of screens has risen quickly, but our adaptation to these devices has been slow, leading to eye fatigue, headaches and sleepless nights because of screens. Thankfully there are now blue light glasses UK people need in order to keep their eyes protected from blue light and help them get a better nights sleep.

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Island Eyewear Blue Light Collection

We designed our blue light glasses from the ground up, using top materials for the best look and performance. Our screen glasses can reduce the effects felt from staring at a screen all day, whether it is your phone, laptop or even TV screen. You don’t even need to work in front of a computer to rack up a good amount of screen time, since most people spend a lot of time in front of their smartphones. If your WFH or even just scrolling on social media a decent amount, our blue light collection is worth a look.

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What Do Blue Light Glasses Do?

Blue light glasses use a yellow tint filter built into the lens to filter out the blue light waves and stop them from reaching your eyes. If worn daily when you are in front of a computer screen, they have been shown to reduce headaches and eye fatigue in just a few days. Not only that, if you are on your devices at night, wearing blue light glasses can help regulate your melatonin levels, which are disrupted when we expose ourselves to blue light at night. Wearing blue light blocking glasses is becoming very commonplace in offices and with creative types who need to use a screen, and the effects are being felt by a huge range of people.

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Screen Glasses Quick Info

If you want the quick facts about screen glasses, we’ve put together a few key points to take note of:

  • Screen exposure of more than 2 hours a day is considered excessive, but many people get up to 5 times this amount
  • Blue light exposure at night has been proven to reduce melatonin production, which is known as the sleep hormone produced by the body
  • Blocking your exposure to blue light in the evenings has been proven to help people fall asleep faster with a higher quality sleep
  • Eye fatigue can also occur when people work in front of computer devices
  • Screen glasses can reduce eye fatigue and keep your eyes feeling fresher

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